Here are some questions students asked about the Amazon:

1. Are there a lot of animals in the Amazon forest?
2. Who are the people living in the Amazon River?
3. Can the people in Brazil go fishing in the amazon?
4. What kind of fish are there in the Amazon river? How many types of fish are there in the Amazon River? Cat fish, salmon?

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Ana Paula


Dear all,

I had the pleasure to visit the Amazon River in 2012. I went to an island in the middle of the jungle. It was quite an experience and my boys, aged 10 and 12 loved it. Ana Paula mentioned that you can´t fish in the Amazon River. In fact, there are some regulations to fish in the Amazon river according to certain seasons. You´ll see in the slideshow that my kids went piranha fishing, a typical fish from the Amazon with very sharp teeth. There are three kinds of piranhas there, the yellow, red and black. After we went fishing, the locals fried them and we had a lovely meal. There, you can go fishing, aligator watching, eating at the local communities, checking their local handcrafts, and we even slept on hammocks, in the middle of the jungle in an open hut, and the locals barbecued and served rice in a big leaf that looked like a banana leaf, but was local vegetation.Oh, by the way, thinking about geography, the Amazon is really far from where we are in Brazil, Brasilia, the capital city, so it is a very far reality for us. The kind of vegetation we have here is called "cerrado", almost like a savannah.

If you have any other questions about the Amazon, I´d be glad to answer.
Teacher Carla Arena