This is a cultural exchange started by Larry Ferlazzo, an ESL teacher, blogger, writer, based on California, USA.
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A cultural exchange like this, in which ESL students from all parts of the world ask questions to our Brazilian students, is a unique opportunity for authentic and meaningful communication. Students will not only use English to with international peers, but will also have the chance to reflect upon their own country, customs, traditions.

Here is a guideline to help you develop this mini-project with your groups:

1. Let the group watch the videos and decide which topic they want to focus on. They will notice that some questions are similar.
2. Students discuss what they want to include in their videos in terms of information. They record the video talking about the topic and giving details about it.
3. They can record it using their own cellphones or the school tablets.
4. They upload the video to youtube, or the teacher just lets us know where the video (Ed Tech Team) is to upload it to youtube.
5. They can edit the page with photos and text about the topic (the list of topics with the pages are available in the sidebar on the right); to edit the page, students need to ask to join the wiki (upper right side); teachers in the project will be made administrators of the wiki and will be able to give access to students to edit the pages.
6. If they feel like it, they can ask questions to Larry Ferlazzo┬┤s group. It is recommended that the questions be done in a separate video or written on the page.

As some groups might join this project, make sure that the students and groups add the class number, school branch and teacher┬┤s name when they post.