These are the general questions about Brazil students asked:

Can you name any Brazilian stories with happy girls and monsters?
Is there any scary story in Brazil?
Can you tell me the craziest thing that happened in Brazil?
What kind of cars are there in Brazil?
What do the beaches look like in Brazil?
Why are yellow and green the most common colors in Brazil?
How many people live in Brazil?
Does Brazil have a lot of terrrorists?
Why do tourists visit Brazil all the time?
How do Brazilians treat foreigners?
What´s your favorite part of Brazil? Why?
One day, would you like to live in the US?

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Yellow and Green


Why do we get so many tourists?

Dear, pen pall:

How are you? I received your video, and I will try to answer one of the doubts you have about my country, Brazil. Here, the beaches are really pretty but, as the coast of Brazil is very big, the physical and cultural aspects change from one place to another. If you go to Bahia's coast, for example, you will find beautiful beaches under a hot and bright sun, surrounded by lots of people dancing, playing, eating, maybe just walking, doing all kinds of stuff to have a good time. If you go to Rio Grande do Sul, which is located in the southern part of the country, you are able to see different kind of beaches ( please don't get me wrong: they're not less pretty, just different), calm and peacefull, most of the time,under a cold and windy weather. To sum up: they're very different, but very pleasant! I am sure you will want to spend most of your time there if you ever come here (if you like water, sunbathing and all of this).

With love,Milla, 16High school student :)
Are there many terrorists in brazil??? No, actually we don't have terrorist. Of course we have some violent people in the protests. But it is not something like the terrorists in other countries. Most of the things about terrorism in Brazil are kind of media sensationalism.
Leticia, 16 - high school student
Does Brazil have a lot of terrorist?

No, we do not have terrorist in Brazil, the things that happened some months ago here in Brazil were protests, that the population took to the street because Brazilians are unahppy with the education, health, the politics and the bad public investments. No terrorist here.
Livia Rosado - 18 - college student

Do you wear uniforms in school???We need to wear uniformes since the nursery until high school. We just can use the clothes we want when we are in the college.

How do Brazilians treat foreigners?

The treatment depends on the country that the foreign will came from , because the culture of each country influenced the acceptation in brazil.

"How do you have fun ?"Usually , we go to the beaches , shopping malls , parks and play a lot of kind of sports.
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